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Six Tips to Successfully Hand-Apply Hang Tabs

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Do-It Hang Tabs not only help you move product quickly off your display but they also make sure your product stays securely on the hook or rod until it’s sold. To get top performance from your hand-applied hang tabs:

  1. Apply to a clean surface. Make sure the package surface is clean, dry and contaminant free before applying your tab.
  2. Affix in optimal environment. When applying hang tabs to your products, work in a clean, dry, dust-free and low-humidity room. For best application and display results, also keep the room temperature between 60°-90° F (15°-32° C).
  3. Do not touch the adhesive. Body oils and other contaminants can cause the exposed adhesive to lose bonding strength. Make sure the adhesive avoids contact with your skin, clothing, table surfaces, etc.
  4. Apply pressure immediately. After you affix the hang tab to your product, apply pressure to the non-adhesive side of the tab (the backside of the adhesive area). This pressure activates the initial tacking bond.
  5. Allow time for the adhesive to bond. After 24 to 48 hours, the tab’s adhesive bond to your package is two to three times stronger than the initial bond. When possible, let the hang tabs wet out for a day or two before displaying your product.
  6. Align correctly for best curbside appeal. You want your product to line up properly in your display. Use an alignment fixture to ensure each tab is placed exactly where you want it on the package so there are no crooked, canted or out-of-line products in your display.

More adhesive solutions: If you have additional questions about hand applying your hang tabs or if you need information about automatic application for your product, contact us today.


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